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Areas of Expertise - Air Analysis

  Air Analysis - photo of Earth from spaceThe tests required for an effective air analysis program depend primarily on the air source and intended use. Examples of typical air sources include: natural outdoor air, indoor air (i.e. industrial, commercial, medical, residential, aircraft cabin), synthetic air, container, manifold, or compressor supplied air. Examples of intended use include: general outdoor or indoor air quality, hospital breathing air, specialized breathing air for Fire-Rescue Department SCBA functions, as well as air used for combustion/welding, manufacturing/packaging, laboratory instrumentation, pharmaceutical applications, break systems, etc. Each air source involves a unique set of analytical challenges that must be met in order to satisfy an air quality specification. The analytical program that Atlantic Analytical recommends to each client is designed to detect and quantify the critical components associated with their air. This air analysis strategy ensures that all undesirable contaminants have been monitored and that all the important air gases are present at acceptable levels for the intended application.
Click here to view a list that briefly describes the standard tests employed by Atlantic Analytical to determine air purity according to USP/NF, CGA G-7 Grades A - N, NFPA 99, NFPA 1404, Mil. Spec., NIOSH, OSHA QVL D, EPA, NJDEP, and other professional standards as well as meeting specific industrial / company requirements. Air Analysis - photo of skyline