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Areas of Expertise - Carbon Dioxide Analysis

Carbon Dioxide
(CO2) is commercially produced from a wide range of feed gas sources, i.e. ethanol fermentation, cogeneration, refinery gas, natural wells, coal gasification, and ammonia production. Each CO2 feed gas source and industrial purification process involves a unique set of analytical challenges that must be met in order to insure CO2 product quality. The analytical program that Atlantic Analytical recommends to each client is designed to detect and quantify the critical contaminants associated with their CO2. A well designed, reliable analysis strategy ensures that all undesirable contaminants have been monitored and reduced to acceptable levels for the intended CO2 application.

Click here to view a list that briefly describes both the standard and advanced tests employed by Atlantic Analytical to determine CO2 purity according to USP/NF, ISBT, CGA, and other professional standards as well as to meet specific industrial/beverage company requirements:

Sulfinert® (SI) and Silcosteel® (SC) treated stainless steel cylinders are being used for CO2 analysis. Pictured is a typical Sulfinert cylinder that has just arrived and is being quality controlled to ensure that the correct amount of product has been received.
  photo of Sulfinert® (SI) and Silcosteel® (SC) cylinders
  Pictured below are two levels of standards that have been analyzed on one of the gas chromatographs dedicated for Sulfur Speciation using a Sulfur Chemiluminscent Detector (SCD). Not only can we determine total sulfur, but we go one step further, and determine which sulfurs are present and at what concentration down to a Limit of Quantitation (LOQ) of 20 ppb.  

Sulfur Speciation by GC-SCD for CO2 - level 1

photo of Sulfur Speciation by GC-SCD for CO2 - level 1 graph

  click here for larger image  

Sulfur Speciation by GC-SCD for CO2 - level 2

photo of Sulfur Speciation by GC-SCD for CO2 - level 2 graph

  click here for larger image  
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