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Atlantic Analytical Management team


Bruce J. Gollob: CEO

Bruce graduated from Clarkson College in 1979, with a major in Chemistry and a minor in Electrical Engineering. His first job was with Varian Associates, as a technical support engineer in the sales group of their vacuum products division. By focusing on a comprehensive understanding of customers’ concerns and problems, Bruce was able to provide the help needed to achieve timely and cost-effective solutions to those problems.

Bruce then went to work for Digital Equipment Corporation’s PDP group, as a Technical Support Engineer before moving back into the chemistry field at the analytical laboratory that supported their chip production FAB in Hudson MA. He then went to work at Gollob Analytical Service, were he was trained to run an analytical laboratory. Following this, he accepted a position with the Specialty Gas Division of Union Carbide’s Linde Division, where he worked with customers and sales people to devise and perform unusual analyses to meet unique customer requirements.

In 1988 Bruce founded Atlantic Analytical, specializing in the analysis of gases and liquids. Over the years Atlantic Analytical has developed many new and specific analytical techniques to meet customer needs, many of which have become standards in the industry. Today, Bruce not only assumes the capacity of CEO, he continues to remain responsible for the daily operation and the future direction of the company.


Richard F. Frisch: President

Richard graduated from Bloomsburg State University in 1978 with a BS in Chemistry. His analytical career began as a Lab Technician at J.T. Baker Chemical Company, followed by a position as a Senior/Lead Technician for Ashland Chemical Company. In 1989 he came to Atlantic Analytical as a Senior Chemist / Group Leader. Since then his outstanding achievements have been rewarded with his promotion to Lab Director in 1998, to Vice President of Analytical Services in 2000, and to President in 2007.

Richard’s technical background in the areas of GC, GC-MS, FT-IR, and numerous other analytical techniques serves as a crucial component of Atlantic Analytical’s success today. It was his driving force that led to the establishment of Atlantic Analytical’s present day GC/MS capabilities.

Richard is always available to assist clients with developing novel solutions to their technical problems, and he continues to serve as a mentor and instructor to all employees.


Ralph J. Ciotti, Jr.: Vice President, Analytical Services - Chromatography

After graduating from Cornell University in 1995 with a BA in Chemistry, Ralph began working for Air Products and Chemicals in their electronics division. There he completed on-site analytical projects at Intel, Motorola, Applied Materials, Hewlett Packard, and MIT, among many others. He then transferred to the division’s Research and Development team, and became involved in investigative work on semiconductor applications. His work directly resulted in a number of presentations and publications, including the award of 3 United States patents with several more pending.

After five years with Air Products, Ralph accepted a Senior Engineering position with Corning, working at their premier research complex, Sullivan Park in upstate New York. He was quickly recognized as the leading authority on hazardous gas safety on campus, and rewrote all relevant safety procedures relating to specialty gas safety.

In late 2003, Ralph joined the team at Atlantic Analytical, taking over day-to-day management duties for the chromatography lab. He is also responsible for Atlantic Analytical’s Global Carbon Dioxide analysis team, which supplies fast and accurate service to beverage companies and gas suppliers around the world.


David B. Latter: Vice President, Analytical Services – Mass Spectrometry

Dave majored in Chemistry and graduated from Union College NJ in 1976. He was immediately hired by Gollob Analytical Services (GAS) in Berkeley Heights NJ to work in their Mass Spectrometry department analyzing all types of compressed gases.

He was attracted to the technical area of internal water vapor analysis on integrated circuits using Mass Spectrometry, and became part of a team charged with securing government “Suitability” status for analysis on integrated circuits. GAS became one of only a handful of laboratories in the US with Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC) certification, and Dave was promoted to Team Leader of the Mass Spec department.

Dave joined Atlantic Analytical in 1988 and quickly received a promotion to Mass Spec Manager, where he currently manages all day-to-day activities of the Mass Spec group. In this position he has worked with integrated circuit and medical device manufacturers to determine internal water vapor content; aerospace firms gyroscopes and missile guidance sensors; pharmaceutical firms for internal packaging gas identification and headspace analysis from an array of product containers; and non-condensable gas analysis in carbon dioxide gas suppliers and the beverage industry.