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Areas of Expertise - Semiconductors: Military Applications


Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC)

Throughout the world, the Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC), is known to more than 24,000 military and civilian customers and 10,000 contractors, as one of the largest suppliers of weapons systems spare parts. DSCC is a field activity of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), which is in Ft. Belvoir, VA. DSCC manages more than 1.6 million different items and accounts for more than $2.3 billion in annual sales. DSCC was the first Inventory Control Point (ICP) in DLA to develop a weapons system approach toward material management. Weapons system management is now standard procedure in DLA, and DSCC is the Lead ICP for Land, Maritime and Missile weapons systems.

Its Mission, Vision and Values are the foundation statements for its commitment to the Nation's Armed Forces. DSCC aligned its Business Plan initiatives with the DLA Strategic Plan goals to ensure our constancy of purpose in meeting the readiness needs of America's Warfighters.
DSCC's corporate identifier, The DSCC Way, illustrates the principle components of DSCC culture and business/interpersonal ethics. The identifier defines the Center's expectations about customer support and the values we seek to promote among our associates.

Atlantic Analytical Laboratory has had uninterrupted DSCC Suitability ("approval") since 1988 and even prior to this when it was known as Gollob Analytical Services which was run by Dr. Fred Gollob (Bruce’s father). Our latest “Suitability” letter is linked below.


Residual Gas Analysis - DSCC Suitability for Military Devices

RGA can be used for identifying the internal cavity contents of electronics via MIL-STD-883 and MIL-STD-750 Suitability requirements, as they apply to METHOD 1018, PROCEDURE 1, with package volumes from 0.01 – 2.0 cm³. Any testing variations are not allowed, all testing is subject to inclusion in the DSCC annual retention report, and all records are subject to compliance audits by our Government.

Atlantic Analytical Laboratory has had uninterrupted DSCC suitability (approval) since 1988 and even prior to this when it was known as Gollob Analytical Services which was run by Fred Gollob (Bruce’s father). Our latest “Suitability” letters are linked.

Our DSCC Certified RGA capability is from 0.01 cc to 2.0 cc integrated circuit inner cavity volume and typical Limits of Quantitation are in the range of 100 ppm at these volumes. A lower limit volume of 0.001 cc is obtainable, yet the LOQ is 1,000 ppm (there are just so many atoms for the mass spec to work with).

Please see the following links for our latest Suitability letters:

DSCC Suitability Letter 2004
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