Don't feel comfortable collecting your own samples?

Trust The Experts

If a customer is unsure about how to collect a sample, or simply wants to ensure everything goes perfectly the first time, Atlantic Analytical Laboratory can send an experienced technician on-site to collect samples using either customer-owned equipment or equipment rented/purchased from AAL. Travel time from our laboratory (in Whitehouse, NJ) and sampling time spent on-site is typically billed on an hourly basis, plus any incidental expenses (tolls, airfare, etc.) and rental/purchase fees for sampling equipment used.

Field sampling is most commonly used by our cGMP/pharmaceutical customers who wish to avoid possible OOS results from impurities introduced into their samples from improper sampling techniques. Additionally, our technicians are prepared with all sample documentation and chain of custody forms necessary to ensure proper traceability of samples from the source to final analysis in our controlled cGMP laboratory. Please CONTACT AAL directly if you have questions concerning field sampling options and pricing.