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Custom Analytical Projects

Custom Analytical Projects 2018-05-04T12:43:53+00:00

We have numerous GC’s with a wide array of sample introduction and detection techniques at our disposal. Many of them are dedicated systems while some can be configured to an individual need and validated to comply with cGMP.

Sample introduction techniques are Direct Liquid Injection (DLI), Direct Gas Injection (DGI), and Headspace Injection (HSI).

The heart of the GC is its column and chemistry, and we can handle both conventional bore and capillary columns, along with column compartment cryogenic cooling.

On the detection end, we can use:

  • FID, which measures ion per unit time making this a mass sensitive detector.
  • TCD, which measures the reduction in thermal conductivity when compared to common carrier gases.
  • ECD, which measures electron-absorbing components having high electronegativity such as halogenated compounds.
  • NPD, which is a very selective method using thermal energy to ionize an analyte having only Nitrogen or Phosphorous in its structure.
  • PDD, which is very chemically selective for monitoring high electron affinity compounds such halogen compounds, as well as aliphatics, aromatics, and amines.
  • MSD, a mass sensitive detector requiring analyte ionization.

A brief listing of custom projects we have performed for the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industries includes the following:

  • Headspace GC-MS of finished liquid, solid and lyophilized drug product in sterile vials;
  • Headspace GC-MS analysis for odor absorbing wound dressing efficiency; and
  • Medical gas blends and isotopic enrichment determinations.