Methods for Collecting Samples

Here's How You Can Collect Samples

Submit samples in original containers: In certain cases, the original source container for the sample can be shipped directly to AAL. We can receive samples in container sizes ranging from small lecture bottles to full-size cylinders and even cryogenic liquid dewars. Submitting the original source container avoids any potential for contamination during transfer into a separate sampling vessel – in most cases the sample can be drawn directly from the container into our analytical systems with no intermediate steps needed

Submit samples using customer-owned sampling equipment: If the customer owns their own sampling cylinders (or polymer film bags, etc.), AAL can perform testing using this equipment. Care must be taken to ensure the containers are properly cleaned/prepped before sampling to avoid contamination from previous contents and impurities that may be introduced during sample collection. If multiple samples must be collected over an extended time period, sampling equipment can be purchased directly from AAL to avoid recurring rental charges. Please CONTACT AAL directly for current equipment options and pricing.

Submit samples using AAL sampling equipment: Atlantic Analytical Laboratory has an extensive inventory of sampling cylinders, polymer film bags, and other equipment for collecting samples of various types. Rental cylinders are available in sizes from 50 milliliters to over 10 liters in volume, including specialized containers for “dirty” samples like refinery and hydrocarbon gases, ultra-clean cylinders for high-purity and pharmaceutical gases, and fully passivated (sulfur-inert) cylinders for analysis of samples with extremely reactive components. All rental cylinders are cleaned, leak checked, and tested to ensure they are free of contaminants before shipping to customers. They can be prepared with a variety of backfill gases (typically helium) or evacuated for shipment, if necessary. Please CONTACT AAL directly if you need to rent sampling equipment.