Liquid-Phase and Gas-Phase

Gas Delivery Systems

We provide several levels of service related to the sampling and testing of various existing or newly constructed liquid-phase and gas-phase gas delivery systems.

If you are uncomfortable sampling high pressure liquid phase gases such as nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide and oxygen, we can help. Correctly sampling these gases in their liquid phase is critical, since the conversion to a gaseous phase results in a distillation or purification effect, in which most of the impurities are left behind in the liquid phase. Therefore, in theory, one will find the majority of impurities in the liquid phase of gases, and we are experts in sampling and testing these phases. Beyond this liquid to gas conversion, additional contamination issues arise as the gases leave the liquid phase gas storage tank and enter the distribution system through its network of piping and connections. Some of these pipes and connections may actually introduce contamination that was not in the original material, so sampling the gaseous phase at various draw points throughout your gas distribution system is essential for determining point-of-use purity.