An Extensive Inventory of Equipment

Sample Collection Made Easy

Atlantic Analytical Laboratory (AAL) has an extensive inventory of sampling cylinders, polymer film bags, and other equipment for collecting samples of various types. Rental cylinders are available in sizes from 50 milliliters to over 10 liters in volume, including specialized containers for “dirty” samples like refinery and hydrocarbon gases, ultra-clean cylinders for high-purity and pharmaceutical gases, and fully passivated (sulfur-inert) cylinders for analysis of samples with extremely reactive components. If multiple samples must be collected over an extended time period, sampling equipment can be purchased directly from AAL to avoid recurring rental charges. Please CONTACT AAL directly for current equipment options and pricing.

Sampling bags for gas analysis are also available for purchase in various sizes and materials (polymer film, aluminized, etc.). We also have a wide variety of sampling equipment available for various gaseous and liquid sample types, including gravimetric particle analysis and adsorbent tubes and liquid bubblers for concentration of purge-and-trap impurities (siloxanes, metals, halides, mercury, etc.). Please CONTACT AAL directly if you have questions regarding sampling equipment available for rental or purchase.