Owner / Managing Partner

Bruce J. Gollob

Bruce graduated from Clarkson College in 1979 with a major in Chemistry and a minor in Electrical Engineering. His first job was with Varian Associates as a technical support engineer in the sales group of their vacuum products division. By focusing on comprehensive understanding of customers’ concerns, Bruce was able to achieve timely and cost-effective solutions to those problems.

Bruce then went to work for Digital Equipment Corporation as a Technical Support Engineer at the analytical laboratory that supported their chip production FAB in Hudson, MA. He then joined Gollob Analytical Service (GAS), where he was trained to run a gas-phase analytical laboratory. Following this, he accepted a position with the Specialty Gas Division of Union Carbide, where he worked with customers and sales people to devise and perform unusual analyses to meet unique customer requirements.

In 1988 Bruce founded Atlantic Analytical Laboratory (AAL), a contract research organization specializing in gas analysis. Over the years AAL has developed many new and specific analytical techniques to meet customer needs, many of which have since become standards in the gas industry. Today Bruce not only acts as CEO, but also remains responsible for the daily operation and the future direction of the company.

President / CEO

Ralph J. Ciotti, Jr.

After graduating from Cornell University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry, Ralph began working for Air Products and Chemicals in their electronics division. There he completed complex on-site analytical projects at facilities owned by Intel, Motorola, Applied Materials, Hewlett Packard, and MIT, among many others. He then transferred to the division’s Research and Development team, and became involved in investigative work with plasma reaction chemistry for semiconductor applications. His work directly resulted in a number of presentations, publications, and the awarding of 3 United States patents.

After five years with Air Products, Ralph accepted a Senior Engineering position with Corning at their premier research complex, Sullivan Park, in upstate New York. He was quickly recognized as an expert on hazardous gas safety, and was tasked with rewriting all relevant safety procedures relating to specialty gas work on site.  Ralph also helped to found, organize, and serve on a formal Process Hazard Review Board, which was responsible for ensuring safe operations for all new research projects on campus.   

In late 2003, Ralph joined the team at Atlantic Analytical Laboratory (AAL) as laboratory manager, coordinating day-to-day management duties for the main lab. In 2010 he was promoted to Vice President of Analytical Services, and in late 2018 took over as President of the entire company.  He continues to guide AAL into the future while also serving as a primary contact and technical resource for compressed gas industry organizations like ASTM, CGA, ISBT, and ISO.

President / COO

Benjamin Behler

After graduating from Penn State University in 2007 with a BS in Sciences, Ben began working as a research chemist at International Battery.  While at international Battery, Ben enhanced manufacturing processes, improved overall product quality, and performed cutting edge research projects.  Ben was an integral part of a few Patents while at International Battery and co-authored “Rechargeable Battery using an Aqueous Binder (link).”

In the Summer of 2009, Ben joined Atlantic Analytical as a Gas Chromatography Chemist.  He began analyzing Natural Gases and Beverage Grade Carbon Dioxide, but quickly showed his attention to detail and desire to learn more.  He then became the GMP Chemist and ran the Cryogenic Laboratory at the same time.  After a few years Ben was promoted to the Laboratory Manager, overseeing the day-to-day work flow in the Gas Chromatography and Cryogenic Departments.  In 2017, Ben took over Atlantic Analytical Laboratory’s Quality Department. While Quality Director, Ben maintained and implemented new analytical methods and operating procedures, while maintaining AAL’s many certifications.  In 2019, Ben was asked to move into the Vice President role; overseeing all the aspects of the day-to-day operations, and customer relations at Atlantic Analytical.